Seattle Stem Cell Therapy“A new therapy for patients with osteoarthritis (OA) experiencing chronic joint pain of wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips and knees has been developed by Mark D. Wagner, MD, a primary care physician, specializing in sports medicine, based in Seattle.”

“Dr. Wagner’s treatment is aimed at patients who have lost a significant range of motion in certain joints, and are experiencing substantial pain levels as a result of mild to moderate OA. This treatment consists in an autologous cells transplant: the patient’s Platelet Rich Plasma, bone marrow cells and fat cells are collected. Platelets are purified from blood samples; bone marrow and adipose stem cells are concentrated by centrifugation. The combination is then injected into the affected joint.”

“This procedure, which falls under the category of regenerative medicine and is minimally invasive and mostly painless, has shown promising results, according to Dr Wagner who stated that the patients he has treated are experiencing reduced levels of pain, starting 3 months after the procedure. Dr. Wagner is hopeful they will regain a normal range of motion within a year.”

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