Conclusions from Scientific Journals and Clinical Studies

ONE “There was evidence of meniscus regeneration and improvement in knee pain following treatment with human mesenchymal stem cells. These results support the study of human mesenchymal stem cells for the apparent knee-tissue regeneration and protective effects.” – Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Am.


TWO “ In contrast to traditional treatments, based on drugs, proteins, or antibodies, stem cells are poised to revolutionize medicine as they possess the capacity to replace and repair tissues and organs such as osteoarthritic joints” – The Journal of Orthopedic Translation, Vol 9


THREE “The versatility of stem cells as a treatment modality has landed it another repair target: osteoarthritis. Through many studies, this newly discovered method has been shown to significantly alleviate the pain experienced by osteoarthritic patients.” – Journal of Clinical Orthopedics


FOUR “In conclusion, mesenchymal stem cell treatment improves knee pain, physical function, and cartilage quality without any severe adverse events.” – Nature, British Scientific Journal


FIVE “This study showed that a single intra-articular injection of bone marrow stem cells appears to provide long-term benefits. The procedure is simple, fast, well-tolerated, avoids the need for hospitalization, and generated no complications or adverse effects” – Heliyon


SIX “Cartilage mapping by MRI showed evidence of improvement in the good cartilage quality and significant decrease in poor cartilage quality.” – Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine